SQL and NOSQL databases are two main types of databases. The main difference between the two databases, depends on how they store and retrieve data.

SQL Databases

SQL databases are called as Relational databases, the data you’re storing in it has to be structured in a very organized way.

SQL databases have predefined schema structure and SQL databases uses SQL ( structured query language ) for defining and manipulating the data, which is very powerful.

SQL databases is not fit for large storage and not well defined data schema.

Most popular SQL Databases

  • Mysql
  • sql server
  • oracle

NOSQL Databases

NOSQL databases are called as non relational databases. NOSQL databases are unstructured and dynamic data schemes.

NOSQL databases are more flexible than sql databases for updating data design schema and the data are store in the hierarchical manner.

NOSQL databases have capacity to handle large numbers of data. But the manipulating data in nosql databases is poor when compared to SQL databases.

NOSQL database can store text, files, images and graphs.

Most popular SQL Databases

  • Mongodb
  • Apache’s CouchDB
  • Apache’s Cassandra DB
  • Redis

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