I wonder why in the internet there is lot of noise with what is most used versus all sort of information that i suppose never used frequently or that tend to create confusion to beginners to stay away from practical knowledge

The purpose of this blog is to reduce the work of beginner developers to get on to work right away with using git in their personal or serious business projects

I have taken a list of git commands that i use it within my company and daily routine where we go…


1) Tell Git who you are

git config --global user.name "Your_name"
git config --global user.email "Your_name@clofus.com

Configure your user name and email in git

2) Create a working copy of a local repository:

git clone /path/to/repository_from_gitlab

3) List all branch:

git branch  

4) Switch from one branch to another:

git checkout <your branch name>

5) Commit everything since:

git add "your modified files"
git commit -m "your message"

6) List the files you’ve changed and those you still need to add or commit:

git status

7) Push the branch to your remote repository:

git push origin <your branch name>

8) View all the merge conflicts or recent changes:

git diff

9) Fetch and merge changes on the remote server to your working directory

git pull -u origin master

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