We build IoT, APIs, APPs, Websites & Deploy them to Scalable Cloud and its done using latest latest technologies

We support your innovation ideas & make products, not just projects

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IoT, Web, Products & Services

We provide expert support for companies, Industries, Consumers and Enterprise customers with our grown IoT platform following cutting-edge technologies, frameworks and protocols, We build our web applications, apps, backend API using modern frameworks only

Products, not just Projects

We build with future in mind, all the architectural decisions are made through several analysis in the design phase itself and make sure the projects we do are scalable and works perfectly after aggresive testing, It is very essential for us that it meets global standards & protocols followed with a proven methodologies

Latest Tools

We use the right tool for the job with Nodejs, Big Data, HTTP REST Protocol, MQTT, AMQP and go whatever it takes to build with the most up to date technology available in the market. This ensures our customers are happy with the product that is future proof, fast, scalable and reliable for many years.