[5 steps] TensorFlow Basic Tutorial

This tutorial is for beginners who are just trying to understand how tensorflow can be used to perform a prediction using high level api Basic Blocks of TensorFlow There are 5 steps in general to perform the prediction of any given data, 1) Create Input Training Data & its traning input function 2) Create Input Test Data & its testing input function 3) Choose feature columns and existing Classifier or custom Classifier 4) Train and Test the Model using Classifier 5) Perform Prediction using the model Create Input Training Data & its traning input function We need to make sure we have good quality data for the machine learning model to perform accurate prediction, more the traning data better the model prediction outcome will be. »

Top used practical git commands | web development [command list]

I wonder why in the internet there is lot of noise with what is most used versus all sort of information that i suppose never used frequently or that tend to create confusion to beginners to stay away from practical knowledge The purpose of this blog is to reduce the work of beginner developers to get on to work right away with using git in their personal or serious business projects »

[5 Steps] to Enable Password Authentication on Amazon

We all know that EC2 comes default with ssh key pair authentication instead of traditional password login, but there at times we might need to use password based authentication for some scenarios like handing over access to someone who needs to login right away without them moving the private key file So inorder to achieve password based authentication, just follow the easy steps 1) SSH Login using key pair that you generated or used an existing when you first launched the EC2 instance »


How to install Hugo on centOS7 Hugo is not officially available for some linux platforms like Fedora, CentOS, and Red Hat etc, but un official versions of hugo are available, Here are the 10 simple procedures on how to install hugo in Centos7 First we need the repositary informations of hugo so visit the above link https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/daftaupe/hugo/ In this page you can see the list of available platforms for hugo, select your appropriate os on ‘REPO Download’ column »

How to build Web Application Using AngularJS and NodeJS Complete [step by step] tutorial for beginners

Building web application using programming languages like PHP, JavaScript etc., get outdated. Already many companies and agencies who involved in developing web-related software/application have migrated to the new technology called AngularJS and NodeJS. Now it has become very popular technology term between tech peoples and there is a lot of scope to the beginners who learn AngularJS with NodeJS. This complete tutorial will be very useful and easy to the beginners who passionate to learn AngularJS/NodeJS and build a responsive web application and you don’t need to take any courses to crack this technology. »